Derping around Europe...

Brandenburg tor, with the horsies and the angel.

there we met a predator and there where robot people there.

we also went to the Sony-centre to look at the strange ceiling.

for lunch we visited the Jewish memorial and looked at the strange blocks.

then we took pictures and fed the sparrow-birds there.

when we where about to leave a guard came over to us and was very rude, telling us that we couldn’t stay because we wheren’t dressed properly.

we’re still not sure what he meant about that…

we visited lots of museums when we where in Berlin, and touristed about a lot, but most of the places we wheren’t allowed to take pictures at.

dali museum was a bit dissapointing, they only had one of his oil paintings but lots of his other works.

medical museum! this place was eerily fun and had lots of things on formaldehyde, like weird fetuses and tumors. but also dried hands and feet, strange skeletons and skulls. we got to sit around and draw lots here, we liked this museum.

Am rande der vernuft - On the edge of reason. we went to an exhibition with works from many artists about the human thoughts and reasoning. there was lots of pictures with strange creatures and monkeys with pants on.

we completely forgot to visit checkpoint charlie and the Berlin wall, but we saw pieces of it around town. then we got something to do the next time we’re visiting Berlin C:

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